Storm Ciara

Thanks Ciara

With horizontal hail and gale force winds Storm Ciara has provided me with a timely reminder of why I decided to build a gym.  I could probably soldier on in the shed but it’s pretty rubbish on days like today.  Not only does it rain and snow inside but simply getting to it results in being wet and cold.  Not really conducive to a good workout.  Whilst the cold doesn’t really bother me, it can lead to increased chance of injury.  And I don’t want that.  I can’t have that.

Working for yourself means you cannot afford to be ill.  Or injured.  You have commitments to others.  Some of them unyielding.  People rely on you.  Businesses rely on you.  And that’s not a problem.  Until they can’t.  Twanging a hamstring because you worked out in sub zero temperatures is not a great excuse.  It doesn’t look good and it’s just not professional.

So I do what I should and not what I shouldn’t.  And one of the things I shouldn’t is continue to lift heavy weights in a space that is becoming more and more unsuitable.

Problems with the existing space

In addition to the issues I mentioned in my previous post, these are some others which prompted me to build a gym.

  • It was starting to fill up with other things which has meant less space and made things awkward.  That could easily be a mental block which could get in the way of training.  Having to shift things out of the way all the time becomes a bit tiresome after a while.  Like the drip of a tap.
  • It’s meant trudging through mud and water to get there when it rains.  Because of it’s location to get there means a walk over grass.  That’s fine when it’s dry.  But for the other 350 days it’s not!  Wet shoes means wet socks.  Before you’ve even started!  It’s also really not good for the lawn which is becoming more and more compacted and will required some remedial works to put right.  Just what I need.  More Work!
  • No power in the shed means no light in the shed.  Which is pretty important.  I’ve got by with battery powered lamps and even headtorches but it’s less than ideal.  In fact, if I’m honest, it’s probably downright dangerous

So thanks Storm Ciara for the gentle reminder as to why I really should build a gym.  And in case that wasn’t enough here comes Dennis.  I wasn’t particularly bothered about sharing the space with the local wildlife but I’d come to the conclusion that building my own space did offer some additional benefits.   Read about that in the next post.