Moore Financial Management provides a full range of tax and accountant services in Pembrokeshire.  From Bookkeeping right through to Annual Accounts and Moore

Why choose Moore Financial Management?

Founded in 2016, Moore Financial Management is fresh and modern thinking.  Using the advances in technology offered by online accounting software, we are determined to be at the forefront of the HMRC Making Tax Digital initiative.

As a client, you always have one point of contact here.  This means you know exactly who is doing your work for you.  It also means you know who to speak to when you need to.  As an AAT Licensed Accountant and HMRC registered agent you can also be assured of a high quality service and peace of mind.

Adaptable in approach, with experience of working in a range of different business formats and sectors, we enjoy the challenges and benefits that change can bring

Why change?

The Accountancy profession is changing.  Moore Financial Management is very much part of that change.  Traditionally you may have seen your accountant once or twice a year.  The focus used to be on getting your accounts done after the end of your financial year.  That’s not enough anymore.  It’s certainly not the future.

Of course, we can produce your accounts and submit your tax returns on time.  But you need more than that.

We strongly believe the Accountant of today should be looking at your finances in real time.  In other words, now, not after the end of your financial year.  As a client, that’s what you really need so you can increase the chances of your business being a success.

It can be too late after the end of the financial year.  It certainly is six months down the line.  This is a reactive, backward looking service with little value to you as a business owner.  It doesn’t have to be like this.

Why now?

Tax is going digital.  Online accounting is becoming more and more popular.  More business owners are recognising the benefits that advances in technology and real-time financial information can bring.  This can give your business a huge advantage.  You can make important decisions at the right time.  Not when it could be too late.

You can’t wait until after the end of your financial year to find out how much profit you have made or what tax you may need to pay.

The world is speeding up.  New technology allows us to do things differently now.  More efficiently and more often.  It’s not about the financial past of your business anymore.  It’s all about the here and now and the future.

With HMRCs launch of ‘Making Tax Digital’ from 1 April 2019, now is a great time to change.

What’s so different about Moore Financial Management?

We’re a bit different to traditional Accountants because we come at it from a different angle.  Specialist in Management Accounts, we emphasise the importance of regular, up to date financial information to show you how your business is performing now.  Getting this means you can make informed business decisions when most needed.  It can also provide confidence and flexibility.

Having up to date financial information is vital to the success of your business.  Opportunities can be missed even if your business is performing well.

You need to know the financial position of your business now, not after the end of the financial year.

How can we help you?

With over 25 years of experience in the following, we’ve developed expertise in:

  • Management Accounts – a service which gives you an insight into how your business is performing now, not after the end of the financial year.
  • Financial Analysis – which can help you when you need to make informed business decisions
  • Cashflow reports and forecasting – vital for all businesses and essential for borrowing

These are the kind of things that add real value to your business and give you the best chances of success

Get in touch so that we can see how we can help you

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