New Year

New Year

Happy new Year

It’s a new year.  And I, for one, am really looking forward to it.

Last year was a really busy one.  Like, crazy busy.  Aside from my day job as an Accountant there was lots of work to do.

Part of that was my own fault.  Apart from all the home maintenance and gardening jobs that always need doing I decided to build a gym.

And whilst the bathroom refit was done by Cardigan Bathrooms there was a still a lot of time put into managing the project and lots of decisions to make.  I also had change one attic hatch and create another.  Like many jobs, that one took a lot longer than anticipated.

I was determined for 2020 not to be the same as 2019.  I know that sounds a bit daft as no 2 years are the same but bear with me.  Because of the busyness of 2019 there were lots of things left unattended all year long.  That bugged me.  You know, really bugged me.

Those who know me know I like order, logic and things generally in the right place.  I also like things to be done.  And done on time.  Maybe this is why I became an Accountant.  Who knows?

Anyway, mainly because I want 2020 to be different to 2019 I’m determined to get as many annual or one off jobs out of the way early so that I can concentrate on other things.

More important things.  More interesting things.  More enjoyable things.

And I’m getting them done early.  By early I mean week 1!  Obviously I can’t get everything that needs doing this year done in a week.

But those jobs that I didn’t get around to last year have been attacked with avengeance.

Chopping (actually sawing) down these trees. Fixing these lights.  Fitting a new thermostatic valve on this towel rail.  Getting the lights fitted and the doorstep fixed on the gym.  Getting a quote for new windows and fitting additional storage in the utility as well as choosing and getting the units and doors ordered.

All done in week 1.  A great start! It’ll be a pretty good year if the rest of it is as productive.

I’m happy with the start I’ve made.  What are you hoping to do this year?

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