Taking time off

Taking time off

Are you Self Employed? If so, do you find it difficult taking time off?

Personally, I do. And it’s been made much harder over the last few years. Covid put pay to any possibility of going abroad for a long time. Or anywhere in fact. And, by the look at those airport queues in the press, it’s not getting easier any time soon.

Actually, physically going away somewhere is necessary sometimes. But when you work from home, I’ve come to realise is absolutely essential.

Getting away from it

As a human with a mind and a soul you need that separation from your work and your free time. And free time is where it’s at.

After all, what’s the point of working for yourself if you don’t get any? Surely that’s one of the main reasons you became self employed in the first place?

Not being able to go anywhere equalled not taking time off for me over the past 2 years. I found it difficult to justify.

Working from Home

But being at home I found myself thinking I may as well just send that email or write that blog or do some planning or whatever.

And before I knew where I was the Summer was gone and the cold dark gloomy days were back. And I have to say, I really started to feel it last year.

I’ve never been one to insist I’m entitled to an annual trip (although I do love them!) but I’ve come to understand why some people do. The benefits are even more obvious to me now. And the opposite, unfortunately, is also true.

Working hard day after day, week after week and not taking a break don’t sit too well with each other.

Rest & Relaxation

People talk about burn-out, but the reality is you need to switch off, rest, relax and recharge regularly, in order to refresh and restore and go again. Without that, performance suffers along with concentration and productivity and efficiency go out the window. It then becomes a vicious circle.

And you don’t want that. So be kind to yourself. Give yourself a break this Summer. You need it.

Does any of this resonate with you? Do you find it difficult taking time off? Where are you going this Summer?

Either way drop me a line and let me know

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