Allowable Expenses for Travel Bloggers

Allowable Expenses for Travel Bloggers

As a travel blogger, your passion for exploring new destinations and sharing your experiences with the world often takes you to breathtaking places. From savouring the aroma of street food in Bangkok to capturing the sunrise over Santorini’s azure waters, your journey is not only one of discovery but also a business endeavour. Just like any other business, it’s crucial to manage your finances effectively. One way to do this is by understanding and maximising allowable expenses for travel bloggers.

As well as being Accountants we’re also Travel Bloggers at How we Travel, so we know a bit about both subjects!

What Are Allowable Expenses for Travel Bloggers?

Allowable expenses refer to the legitimate costs that you can deduct from your total income, ultimately reducing your taxable profits. For travel bloggers, these are the expenses directly related to your blogging activities that you can claim as business costs. By identifying and documenting these expenses accurately, you can ensure that you’re not paying more tax than necessary while staying in line with the tax regulations set forth by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Allowable Expenses for Travel Bloggers

Travel Costs

The most evident expenses for a travel blogger are the travel costs themselves. This includes airfare, train tickets, bus fares, and even rental cars when necessary. Remember to keep all receipts and records of bookings as evidence of your business-related travel expenses.


Accommodation expenses during your trips are also allowable. Whether you’re staying in hotels, hostels, or Airbnb rentals, you can deduct these costs as long as they are directly related to your blogging activities.

Meals and Refreshments

While enjoying the local cuisine is a perk of your job, the costs incurred for meals and refreshments during your business-related activities can be claimed as allowable expenses. Keep track of your meal expenses and note down who you were with and what business discussions or activities took place.

Equipment and Gadgets

Cameras, laptops, smartphones, and other equipment you use for blogging are essential tools for your trade. The cost of purchasing and maintaining these items can be claimed as allowable expenses. Just ensure that you’re only claiming the portion of their use that’s directly related to your blogging activities.

Internet and Communication

Staying connected is crucial for a travel blogger. Costs for internet services, SIM cards, and communication tools can all be claimed as allowable expenses.

Website and Software

Running a travel blog requires a functional and visually appealing website. Expenses related to web hosting, domain registration, website design, and necessary software can be deducted.

Promotion and Marketing

If you’re spending money on advertising, promoting your blog, or attending relevant conferences, these costs can be claimed as allowable expenses.

Training and Education

As the digital landscape evolves, staying updated with the latest trends and skills is essential. Costs for workshops, courses, and educational materials that enhance your blogging capabilities can be deducted.

Staying Compliant

While it’s essential to make the most of allowable expenses, it’s equally important to ensure that your claims are legitimate and supported by accurate records. HMRC has guidelines in place to prevent abuse of allowable expenses, so keeping organised records, invoices, receipts, and relevant documentation is key.

Understanding allowable expenses for travel bloggers

Understanding allowable expenses for travel bloggers can significantly impact the financial health of your blogging venture. By taking advantage of these deductions, you can optimise your tax situation and allocate your hard-earned money where it matters most – enhancing your travel experiences and creating captivating content for your readers.

Remember, this article is meant as a general guide, and tax regulations can change. It’s always wise to consult a professional accountant who specialises in creative industries or self-employment to ensure that you’re fully compliant and making the most of your allowable expenses. Your travel blogging journey deserves financial empowerment, allowing you to continue exploring the world while thriving in your business pursuits.

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